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Gujarat Tour Packages
  • May-17-2024

Planning Your Trip to Gujarat? Take A Look at The State's Jewels

‘Kem cho?’ If you are planning to make a trip to Gujarat then definitely you are doing good, but we have something to make your journey the best. Today we are going to explore the state’s nooks and corners through the blog. If you want to make your trip worthy enough then do not miss this one. 

How Gujarat Travelled Through Time?

Gujarat, a state that witnessed one of the oldest Civilizations of the world - the Indus Valley Civilization, traveled through a long time, keeping its timeless charm intact. In this state, we can find the major sites of that advanced Urban Civilization like – Lothal, Rangpur, Dholavira, etc.

After the civilization had its downfall, the state became an integral part of the Nanda Dynasty which was later succeeded by the Maurya Dynasty. You can witness the Ashoka’s edicts on the rocks of Girnar Hills. Just like this. every corner of the state has a touch of history as it has seen the influence of several empires like the Western Satraps, the Kushans, the Guptas, the Mughals, and other powerful empires.

Not only this, but Gujarat also made a place for local rulers like Chavdas, and the Chaulukyas. The Chulukyas, also known as the Solankis, built several forts and cities across various parts of the country. If you are going to book your 10 days Gujarat Tour Package, do not forget to explore the historical marvels of the state.

The western state of the country was an integral part of the Indian Independence Movement. The popular Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, from where Gandhi Ji started many of his revolutionary movements like the Salt March, and Quit India Movement is now a global tourist destination.

Meet The Wildlife

With lush green forests and dense vegetation, the state has given home to wildlife. In this state, you can find several forest places where you can pay a visit to say hello to the hosts.

1. Velavadar National Park: In ancient times, the Maharaja of Bhavnagar used to come to the place for hunting. The Sanctuary sheltered approximately 3,000 blackbucks and several bird Species. You can also spot different types of animals here. 

2. Gir National Park: Gir, which is Gujarat’s most famous forest area houses the largest number of Asiatic Lions. Also, the national park has other members like Nilgai, wild cats, hyenas, wild bears, spotted deer, and different bird species. While booking your 10 Nights 11 Days Gujarat itinerary do not forget to add this place to your bucket list.

3. Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary: On the South bank of the Narmada River, the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary lies on the western Satpura Range. The park is famous for its landscape. You can find a valley, waterfalls, silent rocks, and dense greenery which is the house of many creatures like – deer, pangolins sloths, and leopards. 

4. Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary: Whenever wildlife lovers come to Gujarat, they do not miss the place. The place is perfect for sighting different types of wild boar, blue bulls, jackals, hyenas, and leopards. 

Desert of Festival

The Thar Desert has gifted one of its parts to Gujarat. That is the Runn of Kutch. The breathtaking land is considered one of the most attractive tourist places in the state. 

1. Mind-blowing Views: The Rann of Kutch is known for being the white salt desert that gives a tourist a sense of calmness. 

2. Day-end Magic: Watching the sunset from this place is a different kind of experience. The landscape transforms into a golden wonderland as the sun starts dipping letting the moon rule the sky over the head.

3. Vibrant Culture: This place is home to several folk communities, each of which has its own traditions. If you visit the place between November to January you can witness the colorful Kutch Rann Festival.

4. Wildlife spotting: though the place faces harsh conditions, it is home to wildlife like flamingos, wild asses, and many migratory birds. This is also a reason why this place is preferred by several wildlife enthusiasts.

Uniting India with the Tallest Statue

Gujarat is also known for the Tallest Statue in the world, which is identified as the ‘Statue of Unity’. 182-meter-long statue of Vallabhbhai Patel is one of the must-visit attractions of the state. Checking the Gujarat tour Package price? Why don’t you call us at our helpline number to customize your package within your budget? 

History Meets Spirituality

Gujarat has some historic places in its heart that attract pilgrims from all over the country. These places hold great spiritual significance also.

1. Somnath Temple: located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Mahadev can be seen in Gujarat’s Somnath.

2. Dwarkadhish Temple: Dwarka, which has great significance in our Hindu Mythology houses the Dwarkadhish Temple.

3. Palitana Jain Temples: Palitana Jain Temple is one of the famous Jain Pilgrimage sites situated in Gujarat's Bhavnagar district. The City of Palitana was formerly known as Padliptapur.

4. Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar: This modern temple complex is dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan. This place is the greatest architectural fusion of traditional Hindu and Indian culture.

If you have already fallen in love with the state’s beauty do not forget to contact the Best Tour and Travel Company in India to make your journey memorable. From Hill stations to Sea Beach, National to International, find your choice in Go Get A Trip and make your trip the best one.

The state on the bank of the Arabian Sea has a great landscape. From desert to island, forest to pilgrimage, there are so many things that you can experience in Gujarat. If you want to experience the beauty and charm of the state, do not miss out on your Gujarat Tour. Remember, Go Get A Trip is there to make your every journey memorable.


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