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Nepal Tour Packages
  • May-10-2024

Nepal holiday packages: How to conquer the Himalayas solo?

The amazing Himalayas have charmed the hearts of adventurers and trekkers for ages. Conquering the Himalayan peaks is like a dream to them. But what to do if someone wants to conquer the Himalayas solo, is it possible? Don’t worry, fellow traveler! The mesmerizing Nepal embraces solo travelers.
That is why today we will explore the dimension of solo Nepal holiday packages and scrutinize every in and out of the trip.  

Why Nepal for a Solo Trip is a Great Idea?
Trekking alone can be very addictive. Choosing your own pace, and undistracted connection with the mountains can form a unique connection with nature. Let’s discuss Why Nepal is the perfect spot for solo adventure:

Welcoming and Safe: Nepal is famous for its hospitality. It does not matter if you are solo or in a group, the landscape and people of Nepal are always welcoming. If you are a traveler, then you will be respected by the local people and culture, which makes the atmosphere here welcoming and safe.

Adventurer’s Paradise: Nepal has something to provide to every type of adventurer and traveler. If you are here with your loved one then you can feel your surrounding atmosphere romantic, and if you love trekking then you can find the landscapes challenging. So, no matter if you have booked a solo Nepal tour package or a romantic Nepal honeymoon package, you can enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Solo-friendly Packages: As modern trends grow; the number of solo travelers is increasing fast. Every travel agency is embracing that too. So, the travel agencies are providing the most friendly solo trip packages. These packages include single rooms to stay in and trekking with other groups who are same-minded.   

Up for Trekking? Choose your Challenge
The Himalayan range has a vast spectrum to experience. You decide to choose what challenge is best for you. Let's discuss a few popular choices.

Everest Base Camp Trekking: Have you got everything you need to conquer the foot of the world’s tallest mountain? Everest base camp will test your strength in this situation. This iconic trek requires unique skills and good fitness, in reward, the breathtaking scenery will wipe out all your fatigue. So, if you have what it takes then the adventure welcomes you.

The Annapurna Circuit: Not feeling so challenging? Then Annapurna Circuit is the best choice for you. The trekking route here is well-maintained and the views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri are just priceless! This trek is not as challenging as Everest base camp trekking, but not for the first-timers either. This moderately difficult trek is best to prepare yourself for Everest base camp trekking.  

Poon Hill Trek: Trekking for the first time, and not ready for big challenges? Don’t worry, Nepal has the perfect option for you! Poona Hill trek is a short trek best for newcomers and inexperienced trekkers. Additionally, the most important thing to remember in this trek is that start your trail very early in the morning. Sunrise from the peak is a never-forgettable experience.
So, consult your best tour and travel agency and choose the point you feel fit for your trekking experience. Remember that in order to get the best deals of the day, it is very crucial to lay hands on the best and the most authentic travel agency that can assure to make every trip of yours worthwhile.

Finding the Gem: Searching for The Perfect Package
Several tour operators provide specialized solo tour packages for Nepal. However, choosing packages blindly can humble your trip experience. So, let’s discuss the factors that you should consider in your package.

Transportation and Accommodation: These two factors are most important to consider in your solo trip. Always be aware of how your transportation from arrival to departure is. Check the details of your concerned accommodation as well. Properly check for the hotel & room features and their distance from your desired trekking spots.

Single Room Options: Dorm rooms can be less expensive, as you have to share them sometimes. However, if you are a solo traveler then choose single-room options. After a long day of tiring journey, your body will prefer privacy and a relaxing environment, which can only be found in single rooms.

Experienced Guiding: Although having a guide is completely your choice, still if you are a first-time traveler or less confident, then a navigator can be your best companion.

Conducting Solo Trip in Nepal - Know these Facts
Are you ready for your trip? Maybe you are! Remembering a few things properly is important. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Suitable Booking Partner: Many travel agencies in Nepal can provide the cheapest tour packages from Nepal, still from the local travel agency is the best option, as you can communicate with them accurately.

Choose Travel Insurance: For group travel it may not be necessary, but for solo trips, it is important to have proper travel insurance, as things can go south anytime.

Don’t Go Hard: Always remember your purpose of traveling is to enjoy. So, always listen to your body, don’t push yourself so hard, take enough rest, and always stay hydrated.

Go Get A Trip: Perfect Destination for Exciting Journeys

Ready to begin your Himalayan Journey? Don’t worry Go Get A Trip is here. As a premium travel agency in India, we provide the best packages customized as per your needs. From our user-friendly website, you can book Nepal holiday tour packages online, without breaking a sweat. We provide a Nepal tour package for 6 days at just 10,999/- only. Additionally, this summer we are offering up to 50% discount on your bookings (T&C applied). So, hurry up! contact us and reserve your spot now.

Conquering the Himalayas solo can be a little tough challenge. However, with proper planning, decisions, and adventure sense you can achieve your goal for sure and enjoy the magic of Nepal as you deem fit. So, pack your bags, tighten your shoes, and respond to the call of the Himalayas.


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