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Hidden Gems in Karnataka
  • February-12-2024

Have You Ever Been to These Hidden Gems in Karnataka?

India is indeed incredible! Country’s East to West, North to South, every corner hides thousands of unexplored places that hold natural and scenic beauty. Karnataka, located in the southwestern part of India, bordered by Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and the Arabian Sea, embraces a diverse landscape in its crown. If you are searching for Karnataka Tour Packages, make sure you read the blog till the end.


Karnataka has some cool spots that not many people know about. If you're into peaceful places and nature, check these out:


1. Gokarna Beach: This beach by the Arabian Sea is calm and spiritual. It's got clean shores, old temples, and big cliffs in the background. You can enjoy the quiet vibe and visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple, adding a bit of culture to your beach trip.


2. Ottinene Secret Beach, Baindoor: In the small town of Baindoor, there's a secret beach called Ottinene. It's not that easy to find out, but definitely a worthy one. You can reach it by taking a nice walk-through nature. The beach is quiet and pretty, with clean sand, blue water, and lots of greenery around.


3. Kudremukh National Park: This park is like a natural wonderland with lots of greenery, hills, and waterfalls. It’s a paradise of lush, green forests with rivers dotted throughout the landscape. There are all kinds of plants and animals, even a rare one called the Malabar civet. If you like hiking, there are cool trails to explore. Adventurers and lovers of the natural world will love this place.


4. Shrines at Karkala: Karkala is an old town with special shrines that show off amazing architecture and spiritual history. You can find St. Lawrence Shrine Basilica, a tall statue of Lord Gomteshwara or Lord Bahubali in Venur, and a fancy Jain Basadi in Hiriyangady. Checking out these places lets you see the cool history of Karkala.


5. Kapu Beach, Manipal-Mangalore: If you need a break from the busy world, head to Kapu Beach near Manipal-Mangalore. It's a quiet spot with golden sand, palm trees, and a great view of the Arabian Sea. Watching the sunset here is amazing – the sun paints the sky and sea in warm colors. Also, there are amazing places to witness in and around the beach.


6. Kudlu Falls, Agumbe Road: Found along Agumbe Road, Kudlu Falls is like a secret garden surrounded by nature's beauty. The calm atmosphere and the waterfalls make it a lovely place for people who love nature. The journey to get there is an adventure itself, offering stunning views of the Western Ghats.


7. Malpe Beach & St. Mary's Island, Udupi: Malpe Beach in Udupi is a peaceful place where the golden sand meets the Arabian Sea. A short boat ride away is St. Mary's Island, Famous for its unusual hexagon-shaped formations of rocks. This hidden coastal spot is perfect for both relaxing on the beach and exploring interesting geological formations.

8. Murudeshwar: Murudeshwar, a town by the Arabian Sea, is special for its tall Shiva statue dominating the skyline. The Murudeshwar Temple and the beautiful beach make it a captivating place. For those who seek adventure, there are water sports, and history enthusiasts who can explore the cultural richness of the temple.


9. Jomlu Teertha Falls, Belve: Tucked away near Belve, Jomlu Teertha Falls is a quiet waterfall surrounded by thick forests. Getting there involves a walk-through green landscape, giving a peaceful experience for those who want to be close to nature. The falling water creates a calm atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a quiet getaway.


10. Kaveladurg Fort, Agumbe: Sitting on top of the Western Ghats, Kaveladurg Fort in Agumbe is a mix of history and beautiful views. The trek to the fort shows panoramic scenes of hills and valleys. The old fort and the lush green surroundings give a peek into Karnataka's rich history and natural beauty, making it a great place for history lovers and enthusiastic hikers.


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Best time to explore Karnataka: Facts to know

Thanks to its varied topography, landscapes, and terrain, Karnataka is a truly all-year travel destination. It is impossible to pinpoint a single season in Karnataka when travel is particularly boring. Nonetheless, the best time to visit Karnataka is from October to April. Winter is the ideal season to travel. Being closer to the western coast, the summer months of April through June are very humid in Karnataka. Still, the Hill stations are milder and colder than coastal regions.


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These hidden spots in Karnataka are calling out to people who want to experience natural beauty and a mix of culture and spirituality. Also, the state’s landscape is vibrant just like other states of India. If you find hilly wind, you’ll get it, if you want to spend a day at the salty beach you are also welcome. So, say hi to Karnataka and bye to office tantrums.


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