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Sundarban Tour Packages
  • April-08-2024

Plotting to Go Wild? Sundarban Tour Packages Are All You Need!

Is your idea of a vacation far away from the stressful city life, amidst the whispers of nature and the thrill of adventure? Then, Sundarbans – the world's largest mangrove forest – need to be on your top 5 exploration list, right alongside the Taj Mahal and the beaches of Goa! This blog will discuss why Sundarban tour packages are the best to quench your thirst for wild adventure.

Why Sundarbans? Treasure Trove of the Feline Mangroves!

Are you bored with traveling to hill stations and beaches, and planning to go for a Jungle safari? In that case, Sundarban emerges as the most suitable choice for your adventure needs. Let’s discuss why.

  • A Land of Enchanting Beauty: Imagine seeing endless mangroves that are a bright green color, with lots of small waterways filled with life. The Sundarbans have a special ecosystem that you won't find anywhere else in India. Picture yourself quietly moving through these narrow water passages, with the only sounds being the gentle splashing of water and the calls of unusual birds. Take a deep breath of clean air, free from pollution, and see nature's colorful artwork all around you.
  • A haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts: The Sundarbans is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.  This is the kingdom of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, a glimpse of which will leave you spellbound.  But the tigers are just the stars – keep your eyes peeled for crocodiles basking on the riverbanks, playful otters frolicking in the water, and a dazzling variety of birdlife – from the majestic Brahminy kites to the colorful Kingfisher.
  • A Paradise for Adventure Seekers: The Sundarbans aren’t only for people who love nature; they are also great for those who love adventures! You can go on a boat ride through the maze-like waterways and feel excited when you spot wild animals or rare birds. You can also walk through the thick mangrove forests on marked paths, being careful and feeling your heartbeat fast. And if you're up for it, you can go on night safaris. It might be a bit scary, but you'll have unforgettable memories!
  • A Break from the Ordinary: The Sundarban trip offers a complete break from the ordinary tourist trail. Therefore, ditch the crowded beaches and noisy hill stations for a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The Sundarbans will rejuvenate your soul, reconnect you with nature, and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our planet. Additionally, if you are from Kolkata, and still haven’t explored Sundarbans yet, then you are missing the bigger picture. Just book the best Sundarban tour package from Kolkata and make a trip to remember.
  • A Glimpse into the Past: The Sundarbans hold within them the secrets of a bygone era. Visit the historic Bon Bibi temple, a shrine dedicated to the local deity believed to protect the forests and the fishermen. Explore villages nestled amidst the mangroves, where time seems to stand still. Interact with the warm and welcoming local people, and learn about their unique way of life, so closely intertwined with nature.

Craft unforgettable Experiences with SundarbanTour Packages

Now that you're convinced the Sundarbans deserve a spot on your bucket list, let's delve into the exciting world of Sundarban tour packages! These packages cater to all kinds of travelers – from wild adventurers to newlywed romantic couples- these packages have something for everyone. Get ready for a sneak peek at what awaits you:

  • Varied Durations: Sundarban tour packages come in various durations – from quick weekend getaways to longer expeditions that allow you to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the place. Choose a package that fits your time constraints and travel style.
  • Activities Galore: Most packages include exciting activities like boat safaris, guided nature walks, birdwatching tours, and visits to historical and cultural landmarks.  Some even offer thrilling night safaris and kayaking adventures for the truly adventurous.
  • Delicious Local Cuisine: Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with delicious Bengali cuisine. Freshly caught fish, locally sourced vegetables, and traditional Bengali dishes cooked with love – your taste buds will thank you!
  • Accommodation Options: Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose from comfortable houseboats equipped with basic amenities to luxurious floating cottages that offer all the comforts of a hotel room. So, if you are planning to book budget Sundarban tour packages, still you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.
  • Honeymoon Destination: A honeymoon in the Sundarbans offers a unique blend of adventure and romance amidst lush mangrove forests and exotic wildlife. Couples can explore the intricate waterways, witness breathtaking sunsets over the delta, and enjoy intimate moments surrounded by the serenity of nature, creating unforgettable memories together.

Planning Your Sundarban Adventure: All you need to know is here

Some handy tips can add extra flavor to your trip and can spice up your adventure. Let’s discuss those tips in brief:

  • Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit the Sundarbans is between November and February when the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear.
  • What to Pack: Pack light, breathable clothing, comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant, and a good camera, to capture the details of your stay and also to make you recall the splendid moments with your life. Don’t forget to pack binoculars if you are an avid birdwatcher.
  • Try Staying Safe: Always follow the instructions of your guide and maintain a safe distance from wild animals. Please show consideration for the environment by refraining from littering.

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In conclusion, Sundarban is a destination like no other, offering a perfect blend of adventure, biodiversity, natural beauty, and romance. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a newlywed couple, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway from the daily hustle of city life, Sundarban has something for everyone. So, if you are plotting to go wild and opt for a memorable journey, look no further than Sundarbans.


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